Roplene Technology


Usually the best costs more. But in boating, Triumph’s technically-advanced Roplene™ construction system has changed that equation. Triumph brings you an unbeatable win-win combination: the toughest boats you can find at prices that make them the best value in every size and style.

Roplene construction is a patented dual-wall system made by roto-molding marine-grade polyethylene. This advanced technology that lets Triumph build better boats at a lower cost was developed in Triumph’s home town of Durham, NC, in the heart of the famous Research Triangle, birthplace of many technology triumphs.

Roplene construction is so durable, you could beat a Triumph boat with a sledgehammer--or tangle with a dock!--and it won’t chip or crack. It has five times the impact resistance of fiberglass. And should you find a way to gouge it, repair is simple with heat from a propane torch. It won’t blister or fade either. And there’s absolutely no wood to worry about.

Unlike fiberglass, the Roplene hull material is naturally buoyant so it won’t sink. In fact, while a Triumph boat isn’t the only brand that can be sawed in two and still float, it is the only one that can be easily welded back together again!

There are more Triumph Roplene boat advantages, too. Generally lighter than fiberglass models in the same lengths, they can run faster and more efficiently with less power. They provide soft, comfortable and dry rides, and their handling is noticeably quieter.